Women’s History Month Bulletin Board

Mar 2, 2015

March is Women’s History Month, and I want to share a great bulletin board I created.  It features 30 prominent women in history – displayed on a timeline!

The kids had so much fun researching these famous women. Some they had heard of, like Oprah and Betsy Ross, and some were new to them. I started by giving each group a famous woman. They had to complete a form and search for facts.
Then they wrote their information on the bulletin board piece using an overhead marker.
(I laminated the ladies to use from year to year.) Then, they had to pin it to the board in the correct order.  This was a bit challenging, but it was interactive learning at it’s best! It was pretty neat too, because some groups picked a different “important” event that I would have expected. This shifted the timeline some, but overall was great because they were justifying their research.
At the end, each group shared what they had learned about each woman.  It was a great way to celebrate some important women and teach about creating a timeline. As an added bonus, I can leave it up the whole month of March!

If you are interested in purchasing this bulletin board set, click on the picture below. It comes with the titles, pictures for 30 prominent women (featuring Mellonheadz clipart), and the research page. I also included a list of websites for each woman listed.


Happy researching!



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