Books for Earth Day- Top Picks

Apr 19, 2015

Being a book girl, you know I love pairing great literature with our themes.  Here are my top picks of Earth Day favorites.

I love the book The Wump World by Bill Peet.  The little Wumps are so cute, and it has such a great message.  The kids always seem to make great connections to this book and the Lorax, which has gained popularity over the past few years.

Have you ever heard of The Wartville Wizard? I have had this book in my collection for a really long time, and it’s MY FAVORITE Earth Day book. It is about an older gentleman who gets a little tired picking up trash in the quaint little town of Wartville. One day, when he is especially down, he gets a magical power over trash. He can make any garbage go back and stick to the person who threw it out. In the little town of Wartville, this becomes quite a problem. It is a bit of a long read-aloud, super cute! Check it out! 
The Wartville Wizard on Teacher Tube

Finally, I love quirky little Clarice Bean, and this book is no exception. Clarice rallies her family to save a tree in her neighborhood from ultimate doom.  It is a fun read and the kids really enjoy it. It has unique fonts and nontraditional pictures, and since I know this book originated in the UK, I just can’t help reading it with a bit of an accent!

There are a ton of other great Earth Day books, but these are the ones I read year after year. I hope your students love them as much as mine do!

Happy reading!



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