Dirt Pudding

Apr 17, 2015

Have you ever made dirt pudding? This is another fun activity to do around Earth Day,  or anytime you want to have your kids practice using some functional text.

We recently finished a unit on functional text. Students need practice in reading recipes and following written directions. This would be a great culminating activity and one that they would remember for a long time!

In the classroom, I found it easier to have the pudding made ahead and just have the students assemble their dirt cups. I used two large boxes of instant chocolate pudding mix and one tub of whipped topping. That was enough for about 24 students. Their cups were not huge, but it gave them a good treat. I also cut my gummy worms in half. They were almost too big for my cups, and that helped to keep my cost low.


Following the instruction sheet, each student got to make their own tasty snack. It was great fun! Click on the image below to get your dirt pudding freebie. There are questions on the back, too! 


Happy snacking!



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