Earth Day Science Activities

Apr 16, 2015

I love teaching Earth Day!  Every year when it rolls around, I get giddy because I get to pull out some of my favorite Earth Day activities. Science and Earth Day are natural partners, and perfect for April or any month of the year!


Check out these recycled planters. They are super easy to make, and are a great way to teach the kiddos how to reuse materials. The bottles can be found everywhere, and you can use any type of seeds or even beans.  Grass is fun too!  The string on the bottom makes these self watering! Such a cool way to incorporate Earth science with a recycling activity.

This is one of the activities included in my Earth Day Science Kits.  These were made especially for Earth Day with seven new experiments ready for kids to dig in and have some fun with some earth science experiments. Kids love, love, love these little science kits. They keep asking for more themes. What is a teacher to do? LOL!  These kits contain cheap and easy to find contents. I got the seed packs at the Dollar Tree, and they were only 25 cents! You can click on the picture to get the full description.

Science activities for Earth day
This is the other option without the topper:
Earth Day Sicence Addition Subtraction Centers
What do you do to teach kids about caring for the earth?



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