5 Things to Do Now to Get Ready for Next Year

May 27, 2015

Classroom with black chalkboard, educational alphabet and numbers

As I am enjoying the lazy days of summer, I always feel a step ahead if I get a few things ready to go now. Here are my 5 must do projects to complete before the end of the year.

1. Covering composition books

We use interactive notebooking as a tool to track student learning, and add a little fun to instruction. I like my notebooks to have covers and be covered with clear packing tape. It just makes them so much more durable. I am lucky too because we have a team of volunteers at our school that help me with this one. I also recruited some 6th graders to help me number them.  I did this two years ago and it was dreamy! Click on the picture to get the free cover.

 Interactive Notebook Covers

2. Homework folders

Again, I make covers for my homework folders, and laminate them. I’m very fortunate to work in a school where a lot of supplies are provided, but it seems that we always, always run out of laminating film right before school starts. I learned long ago to be a little proactive in this area. It has saved me a lot of last minute frustration to get them ready to go early.


3. Name tags

Along with the folders, I laminate blank name tags and have them ready to go. Again, I’m not rushing to get them done right before the kids walk in. Always make extras, too. They are ready to go when the kids come in. Nametags are also expensive, and we have NO budget for them.  I use these from Jen at Teacher by the Beach. Love that they are printable and free!

4. Desk Numbers

I don’t like over cluttering my desktops, so I made these cute peanut butter and jelly tags that are less conspicuous. They also have colored boxes so I can color code my tables. I love this system, and you can grab the tags free from my store! Again, they are something that I know I will use, and want to have them ready. Click on the picture to download a set of my tags for free! 

peanut butter jelly  partner tags


5. First week homework copied and ready. Our team has a system for homework, and it doesn’t change much year to year. I like to have week 1 ready so I’m not standing in line for the copy machine, or worse yet, find it broken. The poor thing is so overused! Having these things ready makes me look and feel more together in the fall. 

So, what are you doing right now to get ready for next year? Please share your tips and tricks! We are almost there! 




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