Astronaut Training Kits: Space Themed Goody Bags for Students

May 4, 2015

Since I am going with the space theme, made up some cute goody bags to have on the student’s desks the first day of school, and suddenly  the “Astronaut Survival Bags” came to be.  I got some free lunch sacks from our lovely cafeteria manager, and splatter painted them in purples, yellows, black, an some silver to look like the cosmos.  Next I attached the cute labels to the front of the bags.  The kids get so excited to find goodies on their desks.  This year I included space pencils, star erasers, star student rulers, planet bookmarks, “cosmic” crayons, and a few Starburst candies.  I really wanted to add Pop Rocks, but ran out of dough.  I also put in a homework pass, just for a little extra excitement.

What kind of goody bags do you make for your students on the first day of school??

Here is the label for mine, in case anyone else is going a space theme!



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