Making Test Prep SNOW much fun!

May 4, 2015

So, here in the desert it doesn’t snow. In fact, quite a few of my students have NEVER even seen snow. Imagine their surprise when I told them we were going to have a snowball fight in our classroom… HA! To motivate my kiddos during our last stretch of test prep, whenever we were finished with an assignment, they got to crumple it up and throw the paper at the board. THEY LOVED IT! By the end of the week we had a lot of accumulation in the front of our room…


To make it even MORE fun, I would randomly pick a few snowballs, and give out some powdered sugar “snowballs.” (I looked for doughnut holes, but this was all I could find at the time. The kids didn’t even seem to mind.)

It made the grueling work of test prep fun. My kiddos were actually BEGGING for more snowball pages. I have done “snowball” fights before to trade and grade. The kiddos think that is fun, too.

Have a great week!!



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