Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas {Space Theme}

Sep 20, 2015

Check out this space theme bulletin boards! I am so excited that my classroom is finally taking shape… which is a GOOD thing since school starts on TUESDAY!  YIKES!  I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going with a space theme this year, reusing some of the props I have used before.  These are based off of Colin McNaughton’s clever book We’re Off to Look for Aliens.

It is a cute book that actually has a book within a book. You can check it out here.  ANYHOO… the aliens are representations of the ones from the book, and are made from the 1″ styrofoam  sheets from Home Depot using the same process I described in my Going BIG post.  I put them above my messy library and messy cubbies. (I probably should have cleaned them FIRST, but this was more fun!)

I used a cool starry Scene Setter for the background. It looks more wrinkled in the pic then they do in person… either that or I am in denial. Anyway,  they just make me smile.  I hope the kids love them as much as I do!

space alien bulletin board

Fun space alien themed bulletin board

space theme rocket ship

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