Disney Classroom Ideas

Jul 12, 2016

I expanded my Disney theme to include some new ideas and jazz up my classroom, and I was tickled with the result! The kids loved it and I was able to start the year off on a fun, upbeat note, Disney style!

Inside Out Bulletin Board

I loved Inside Out. I made this board to display the names of my kiddos on the first day. I look pictures and added them to their memory balls after school started.  It was a great bulletin board for the beginning of the year, but it could have easily stayed up all year long.  My hubby drew and cut Joy out of styrofoam. I painted her and added sparkly metallic hair. SO MUCH FUN! See my other posts about how we do this by clicking here:  Themes- Going Big!

inside out bulletin board


Goody Bags and Themed Tables

I thought it would be fun to name each of my teams after a Disney character, but I wanted to keep my color coded management system in tact. My challenge was to find Disney characters who fit my table colors. It was tricky, but I did it!  What would normally be my “Red” table, was now the Mickey table. The orange table became the Tigger team and my yellow table became Team Simba.  The green table loved being the “Mike” table, but the favorite was the Dory table. Purple was my most challenging color, but luckily my daughter loved Maleficent – so villain or not, she became the purple table’s mascot! (They loved it!) On their desks for meet the teacher, I made cute color-coded goody bags to give out. I printed the pictures for the bags from Disney’s website. They were a BIG hit!

Disney Goody Bags


Classroom Wishes

This was probably my favorite project. This little Jimminy Cricket was also made from cut and painted styrofoam. He sat on my table during Meet the Teacher surrounded by stars with wish-list items for the classroom written on them. When families came through to see our room, they could (voluntarily) pick an item to donate to the classroom. I used Jimminy throughout the year for character building. Often times he was “watching” my students make good choices.

Classroom Supply Donation

Still need a little more Disney Magic? You can check out my other Disney themed boards here: Disney Themed Bulletin Boards  Have fun making your space the “Happiest Classroom on Earth!”







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