Disney Classroom Ideas

Classroom Supply Donation

I expanded my Disney theme to include some new ideas and jazz up my classroom, and I was tickled with the result! The kids loved it and I was able to start the year off on a fun, upbeat note, Disney style! Inside Out Bulletin Board I loved Inside Out. I made this board to […]

Themes… Going BIG!

I L-O-V-E teaching and decorating my classroom with themes. It started back in in the “Whole Language” era (yeah, I am that old!) but came back to life for me during my years in the library. A dear friend offered his talent and expertise to help me create my visions using insulation styrofoam sheets to […]

Disney Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

Have you seen the latest Disney classroom decor from Eureka School?  It SPEAKS to me, friends! I have been WAITING, what seems like FOREVER, for Disney themed classroom decor.  It has FINALLY come! That is why I am so excited to have the opportunity to freshen up my space, show my Disney Side, and give […]

Women’s History Month Bulletin Board

March is Women’s History Month, and I want to share a great bulletin board I created.  It features 30 prominent women in history – displayed on a timeline! The kids had so much fun researching these famous women. Some they had heard of, like Oprah and Betsy Ross, and some were new to them. I […]

Getting to the Heart of Black History Month + Freebie!

Black History Month is just around the corner! February is a short and busy month so I try to get more bang for my buck with this Valentine-ish Black History Month bulletin board.  I love it because I can leave it up the whole month!  It drives me CrAzY to have decorations up after a […]

Dino-Mite Classroom Reveal!

So, I decided to switch it up a bit and go for something a little bolder in my classroom decor this year! Yep… I did DINOSAURS!! I was so torn, so many themes to choose… but in the end the Dinos won. Most simply because all of my baskets and organizers are green! The dinos […]