Holiday Class Writing Journals

If you are familiar with my Class Writing Journals, I have some exciting news!  I finally finished a holiday expansion pack.  I am so excited about these! This pack includes 6 holiday themed writing journals to use throughout the year.  They match my other Class Writing Journals so they can easily be added to the […]

Class Writing Journals Set #3- Persuasive and Opinion Writing!

I have had so much awesome feedback on my first two sets of Class Writing Journals, that I added one more set to the mix.  I am SUPER proud of these!  With the big push in Common Core for students to explain their ideas and reinforce their opinions with evidence, these couldn’t be more timely! […]

Class Writing Journals- Set #2 Using Informational Text!!

Boy howdy, am I excited about these!!  Based on feedback from buyers, I made another set of Class Writing Journals, but this time they focus on INFORMATIONAL writing.  It’s like I am getting the kids to write mini-reports without them knowing.  Kinda sneaky of me, but a teacher has to do what a teacher has […]

Whole Class Writing Journals!

Howdy everyone! I got my back to school letter in the mail this week… so I guess it is official.  My summer is coming to a close. Is it weird that I LOVE all of the back to school displays in the stores?  They make me giddy!  Seriously exciting! I just finished making class journals […]